3 Insights from the National Teacher of the Year in China

Oct 11, 2013

Jeff Charbonneau, 2013 National Teacher of the Year, recently made his first visit to China with People to People.

We’re convinced there’s no place on earth where Mr. Charbonneau wouldn’t forge friendships, learn valuable lessons and find a rich array of teaching experiences to bring home to his students in Zillah, Washington.

We have enjoyed seeing Jeff tackle some cross-cultural challenges with impressive results, and every step of the way he’s breaking down global borders and increasing cultural intelligence (CQ).

In this great video, “Charb” (as his students like to call him) identifies three surprising insights he gained from just his first few hours in China. They include:

  1. Chinese hospitality and friendliness
  2. Modernity of Chinese cities
  3. Cultural ties to history



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